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Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Fey Madness

Pathfinder 2nd Ed





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Start Time:

6:30 PM

Last updated:

May 14, 2024


Find your path in life. This band of misfitted friend must save reality to save it the evil Fey. The forest is on the brink of extinction in this world unless someone can remove the First World Fey. The forest's energy is powerful and the rumor is that it is being aborbed by someone called the Luminous One.

Fighting like a hero, you are rewarded! Dying like a hero, you will live on forever!

If this game is full, please check out one of our other RPGs


  • Pencil, or pen

  • Notebook or Journal (available for purchase)

  • Dice appropriate for the game you are playing (available for purchase.)

  • Cost: $2 per session per player.

** Characters created and rolled for attributes, completed with the DM unless otherwise specified **

RPG players pay $2 cash per session. This is collected by the DM/GM and turned into the store so it can be credited to the DM/GM. This is so the storyteller has the means available to enrich the adventure. We do ask that if you are enjoying yourself and want to continue to play after your 3rd week, that you pick up a book and miniature to support the store. We also carry the storytelling dice and miniatures you will need to play.

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