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Countdown to Christmas 2023
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12 Battletech Mechs Battling

On the 12th day of Battletech, my true friends sent to me,

Twelve mechs a-stomping, in a futuristic spree.

Eleven pilots guiding through the battlefield’s maze.

Ten lasers blazing, in a mechanical haze.

Nine Jump Jets Leaping, across the terrain.

Eight weapons firing, in a thunderous rain

Seven clans a-warring, in battles so fierce

Six hexes moving, in a strategic piercing.

Five golden mechs, with armor so bright

Four PPCs firing, in the MechWarriors sight

Three critical hits

Two mechs in a fight

And a battlefield echoing with the sound of might!


11 Yu-Gi-Oh! Players Dueling

On the twelfth day of dueling, my true friends gave to me,

Twelve monsters battling, in a card game so free.

Eleven spells enchanting, in a mystical dance,

Ten traps a triggering, catching opponents in a trance.

Nine Exodia pieces, a victory so near,

Eight Blue-Eyes White Dragons, majestic and clear.

Seven Millennium Items, ancient and divine,

Six Dark Magicians, casting spells in line.

Five Golden Rings, powerful and bold,

Four Duel Disks, secrets to be told.

Three Egyptian Gods,

Two duelists in sight,

And a deck full of strategies, ready for the fight!

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10 Miniatures Role-Playing

On the twelfth day of questing, my true mates sent to me,

12 miniatures posing, in realms of fantasy.

Eleven goblins lurking, with their axes so keen,

Ten Heroes standing, in armor pristine.

Nines wizards casting, with staffs raised high,

Eight dragons roaring, in a darkened sky.

Seven dungeons beckoning, with treasures untold,

Six elves a-arching, arrows swift and bold.

Five golden heroes, with swords shining bright,

Four gnomes a-giggling, in the moonlight.

Three orcs advancing,

Two players ignite,

And a miniature world, where the adventures take flight!

9 Playmats Unfolding

On the twelfth day of gaming, my true friends sent to me,

Twelve playmats spreading, a canvas for strategy.

Eleven cards a-shuffling, on a surface so grand,

Ten sleeves protecting, in the player’s hand.

Nine zones defining, the battlefield’s scope,

Eight players clashing, in a card game trope.

Seven arts a-displaying, of creatures and lore,

Six turns unfolding, in the turn-based war.

Five golden playmats, tales to unfold,

Four deck boxes, treasures to hold.

Three counters counting,

Two players ignite,

And a game mat laid out, for a duel so bright!


8 Pokemon Evolving

On the twelfth day of Pokemon, my parents gave to me,

Twelve Pikachus sparkling, lightning bright and free.

Eleven Eevees evolving, in forms so vast,

Ten Trainers capturing, their Poke Balls cast.

Nine tails of a Ninetales, enchanting with grace,

Eight gys to conquer, in a distance place.

Seven Jigglypuffs singing, a lullaby so sweet,

Six Charizards soaring, their fiery feats.

Five Golden Rings, held by champions bold,

Four Squirles squirting, in battles untold.

Three Bulbasaurs budding,

Two trainers in delight,

And a Pikachu in a Poke Ball, ready to ignite!

7 Game Masters Smiling

On the twelfth day of questing, my nerdy friends gave to me,

Twelve books a-guiding, in realms of fantasy.

Eleven characters forming with stories untold.

Ten dungeons awaiting, treasures to unfold.

Nine dragons soaring, flames lighting the sky,

Eight spells a-casting, as wizards amplify.

Seven classes choosing, paths to explore,

Six elves a-arrowing, enemies they implore.

Five golden tomes, ancient and wise,

Four dungeon masters, weaving the lies,

Three critical hits,

Two adventurers unite,

And a world of imagination, taking flight!

Holiday Presents
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6 Board Games Ready For Play

On the twelfth day of gaming, my family gave to me,

Twelve dice a-rolling, chance and strategy.

Eleven cards a-drawing, in hands so sly,

Ten pawns a-moving, on a boards o so high.

Nine tiles a-connecting, creating a magnificent maze,

Eight players competing, in a tabletop daze.

Seven tokens marching in a quest so grand,

Six decks a-shuffling, dealt by skilled hands.

Five golden dice, as luck and skill unfold,

Four meeples standing, in adventures untold.

Three kings commanding,

Two knights in a fight,

And friends playing party games, while having fun all night!

Paint day 5.jpg

5 Paints Blending

On the twelfth day of painting, my true love gave to me,

Twelve brushes stroking, with artistic glee.

Eleven colors blending, on the palette so fine,

Ten miniatures standing, frozen in design.

Nine washes flowing, into crevices deep,

Eight shades of shadows, where the secrets seep.

Seven layers highlighting, bringing life to the scene,

Six details emerging, in a painter’s dream.

Five golden pigments, vivid and bold,

Four dry brushes, secrets to be told.

Three layers sealing,

Two colors unite,

And a masterpiece unfolding in the soft studio light!

4. Dice Access & Plushies 12 Day Countdown.png

4 Dice Tucked In Cozy & Soft

On the twelfth day of gaming, my true love gave to me,

Twelve plush toys cuddling, in a dice-filled spree.

Eleven dice bags holding, with a soft embrace,

Ten crits a-rolling, in a whimsical place.

Nine plushies cheering, as the dice take flight,

Eight sides a-giggling, in the soft moonlight.

Seven accessories adorning, with plushie delight,

Six faces a-smiling, in a gaming night.

Five golden dice trays, cradling luck so bright,

Four plushie d20s, in a playful flight.

Three cuddly critters,

Two players ignite,

And a cozy gaming corner, in the soft twilight!

3 Dice Shimmering

On the twelfth day of rolling, my true love gave to me,

Twelve dice a-tumbling, in a symphony klick-klacks.

Eleven sides -shining, with numbers so clear,

Ten crits a-landing, as a player’s delight in cheer.

Nine ds a-clattering, in a tabletop dance,

Eight sides a reflecting, a chance for romance.

Seven sets a-rolling, across the table’s board,

Six faces a-plotting, where the tales are stored.

Five golden ds, in a random spin,

Four d10s a-pairing, a combo to win.

Three d8s a falling,

Two players ignite,

And a roll for the ages, in the gaming night!

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2 Magic Spells Casting

On the twelfth day of gathering, my true mates gave to me,

Twelve cards a-shuffling, in a mana-filled spree.

Eleven spells a-casting, in a duel so grand,

Ten creatures summoning, across the mystic land.

Nine Planeswalkers striding, through reals untold,

Eights decks a-building, strategies unfold.

Seven artifacts gleaming, powerful and rare,

Six enchantments weaving, in the magical air.

Five golden mana, tapping with might,

Four legendary creatures, in the battlefields’s light.

Three card draws, two wizards in sight,

And a Magic deck ready, for a victorious fight!


1 TCG Accessory Uniting

On the twelfth day of card games, all my friends sent to me,

Twelve deck boxes protecting, where strategies roam free.

Eleven sleeves a-shuffling, with artwork so divine,

Ten playmats unfolding, a battleground to design.

Nine dice a-rolling, tracking life and more,

Eight tokens tapping, in a strategic score.

Seven binders organizing, cards in pristine array.

Six storage boxes, keeping chaos at bay.

Five golden dice bags, holding luck and might,

Four card binders, memories taking flight.

Three deck dividers,

Two players unite,

And a game room adorned, for a victory night!

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