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February 17
1 pm- 5 pm


We stock a lot of materials: Dice, miniatures, paints, game modules, cards, mats, manuals and more!

Wall of Bones

Our north wall is almost entirely covered in countless figures and miniatures. And yes, if you are looking for a particular one, we know right where it is! Come browse for yourself.


Oh do we have some dice. We can provide you with your next set of quality dice or a whole pound of them. We even have the bags on hand. You can never have too many and even that won't be enough!

Card Games

We sell cards from singles to starter boxes to collector boxes of Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yugioh. We even hold tournaments and facilitate one on one games. Schedule a timeslot today!

“We don’t necessarily need to be the only choice of game stores in the area, we just want to be your first choice.”
~ Die Hard Games ~

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