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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed

The Great War of Mystara

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed





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6:00 PM

Feb 26, 2024

Last updated:

Jan 19, 2024


The world of Mystara ravaged by war and fallen stars. Adventurers will come together to stop those that would seek to rule the world while it's vulnerable.

The world of Mystara ravaged by war and disagreements across the land. The island of Miscellania is looking for a new leader to run the kingdom and build the kingdom back up. The island is rich in certain resources but needs help. The people of Miscellania are looking for someone to lead their nation back to greatness. And calls upon certain individuals to help.

Most of the world is cloudy so if choose a class with sunlight sensitivity most the time won’t affect you in combat

Tools will have features can use outside of the uses in xanathars guide offers that will most of the time give meaning during adventure or use that will benefit you. Most the time tools are useless but will have purpose in this campaign.

This campaign will be full of role play and combat a good mixture of both. Combat is always important to the story and players will be able to build their kingdom up. Some of the sourcebooks outlines naval combat if it comes up. Ghosts of Saltmarsh will be a good book to have for stat blocks of ships and things can add to ships. Diehard currently has this book in stock or access to it if they end up selling it.

Players will build their characters in session 0 after learning more about any rules and how things will work. Their is additional third party source books that can be used for building characters. Get with John to get those books if you would like a change of pace in the normal character options.

- Tome of heroes

- Deep magic and deep magic vol 1 and vol 2

There are a few other books I will use.

Restrictions in the game or building is that no homebrew or unearthed arcana other than what I provide and those books.

I have homebrewed new classes

- shaman

- death knight

- psionic

- dragon rider

Classes available from deep magic source books


- Witch

Classes available from other content

- Apothecary

- Inventor

Reward for buying a mini from diehard for your character and have it by session 1. Or first session if join at a later time.

Travel and towns will be mostly theatre of the mind but combat will always be on a gridded map.

Please wait till session 0 after rules and everything is gone over before building a character because I want to make sure you play the character you have always wanted to play.

I’m a DM that wants to make sure your choices have meaning and purpose and that we can make sure when you have an ability or equipment or tools or anything you pick is used in some way shape or form and I work hard to work it in so that it has meaning. This adopted strategy allows players to have fun and feel important in the campaign and that everyone has moments after moments to shine.

Any questions be sure to message me. I hope I can get 4-5 players to a absolute max of 6 players

If this game is full, please check out one of our other RPGs


  • Pencil, or pen

  • Notebook or Journal (available for purchase)

  • Dice appropriate for the game you are playing (available for purchase.)

  • Cost: $2 per session per player.

** Characters created and rolled for attributes, completed with the DM unless otherwise specified **

RPG players pay $2 cash per session. This is collected by the DM/GM and turned into the store so it can be credited to the DM/GM. This is so the storyteller has the means available to enrich the adventure. We do ask that if you are enjoying yourself and want to continue to play after your 3rd week, that you pick up a book and miniature to support the store. We also carry the storytelling dice and miniatures you will need to play.

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