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7th Sea RPG

For Ships & Giggles

7th Sea RPG





Seats avail:




Campaign start date:



Min Age:


Start Time:

6:30 PM

Last updated:

Nov 16, 2023


The Ataban Trading company's treasure ship "The Sovereign Venture" was reported as missing after a massive storm. The manifest has indicated it was full of rare monster bones, artifacts, and art pieces stolen from cities in distant Ifri. Thanks to a disgruntled ATC employee, now anyone with illicit connections knows the ship's last sighted location. Match wits with other pirates, profiteers, and the chaotic uncertainty of the seas themselves with untold riches as the prize.

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  • Pencil, or pen

  • Notebook or Journal (available for purchase)

  • Dice appropriate for the game you are playing (available for purchase.)

  • Cost: $2 per session per player.

** Characters created and rolled for attributes, completed with the DM unless otherwise specified **

RPG players pay $2 cash per session. This is collected by the DM/GM and turned into the store so it can be credited to the DM/GM. This is so the storyteller has the means available to enrich the adventure. We do ask that if you are enjoying yourself and want to continue to play after your 3rd week, that you pick up a book and miniature to support the store. We also carry the storytelling dice and miniatures you will need to play.

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